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Public Speaking June 23, 2009

Posted by alshirezy in Public Speaking.

Public Speaking

How to communicate effectively and build self – confidence :

– Change your mindset- Use ” I ” Phrases
– Be Spesific and Direct – Look
– Respect yourself and others
– Prepare and practice

* 8 Benefit of using Assertive Speech and Behaviours :

1. Reduces anxiety and stress often caused by misunderstandings and conflicts

2. Allows you to express your thoughts and feelings clearly and effectively

3. Self – esteem and self confidence is enhaced and you have better control over your own life

4. Others have more respect for your ideas and opinions by knowing were you stand

5. Relationship with others are greatly improved by disagreeing without being hostile

6. Having ability to say “no” when you mean”no” without feeling self – conscious

7. Motivates others to clearly state their own opinions and ideas

8. Allows you to ask for help when needed without fear and stress

– You are good enough for anything –

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real



1. irnahepzz - June 26, 2009

that’s good the way ,,,,, rezi!!!!

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